Investment strategy

1. Access to institutional grade investments

Simply put, we take what used to be available only to the largest of institutional investors and make them accessible to you.

2. True ownership in a Limited Liability Company

Fractional ownership in LLC positions you to take advantage of the tax benefits of this profitable asset class. A fund doesn’t provide this.

3. Pass-through depreciation of the asset to investors

Depreciation is one of the most unique and powerful strategies offered to multifamily investors. The short of it, positive cash flow with very little taxes.

4. Returns exceed other traditional investments opportunities

Stabilized returns backed by the security of a hard asset that capitalizes off aggressive tax incentives, make multi-family investments some of the most coveted investments in the U.S.

5. Quarterly cash flow distributions directly to your account

This line item speaks for itself. We do the leg work to make sure your money is working for you.

6. Institutional grade underwriting

Thorough underwriting is the process we use to assess the risk and reward associated with each potential investment. This is critical!

7. Berman Capital invests alongside our investors

Your capital will be invested alongside our capital… which means we have the same goals! Returns!

Why Real Estate

    After all expenses are paid, quarterly distributions go out to investors.
    Multifamily is less volatile and continues to outperform traditional stock based investments.
    Depreciation is a tax write-off that enables you to keep more of your profits.
    You can leverage real estate, this allows you to buy a $10M property with only $2.5M.
    Residents pay down debt which creates equity, this leads to long-term wealth.
    Forced appreciation through strategic value plays increase the overall value of the property.

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